What is Mindtoon Lab?

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Michigan State University Professor Carrie Heeter has devoted years of passion, time, learning, and money into Mindtoon Lab to translate her fascination with meditation into real world experiences.  Clinical Yoga Therapist Dr. Marcel Allbritton has played the roles of Meditation Expert, teacher, friend, consultant, and collaborator, making the journey possible.

We create meditations applying the tools and philosophy of the Krishnamacharya- Desikachar system of yoga therapy that are tools for actively changing how you feel and who you are.  We offer programs delivered via TXT and email to introduce specific audiences to selected Mindtoon meditations, teach about how and why to meditate, and motivate establishment of a regular personal meditation practice.

GET THE APP: Our newest app, RelaxU, is available for free on Google Play and iTunes.  Search for Mindtoon Lab, scroll down to RelaxU, and download and enjoy five 10-minute Mindtoon™ Meditations: Calming, Place in Nature, Comfort, Releasing, and Stability.

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