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What settings are needed to play the meditations?

Be sure to have your sound ON.

Also, on an iPhone or iPad, you want your Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock to be at least 3 minutes, to prevent your phone from turning off while the meditation is playing.  (We are working to find ways to do this automatically in future releases.)

What’s a Mindtoon™ Meditation?

Mindtoon™ meditations are tools to help you change the state of your body, mind, and emotions. Mind-Body Therapist Marcel Allbritton guides you through a series of steps involving breath and gentle movement.  You focus your attention on aligning breath and movement.

Do Mindtoon™ Meditations work?

Some people will find that they resonate with a particular Mindtoon™ meditation.  The experience may be enjoyable, calming, and interesting. You may notice that you feel different after playing.

For other people, the modality (of aligning breath and gentle movement) may not be appealing. Or the meditation object (such as purring cat or wizards) may not resonate.  if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

Mindtoon™ meditations are not medical interventions.  They are potentially helpful tools designed based on Mind-Body Therapy principles, that may or may not be helpful to any particular individual.

Why is it important to breathe and move at my own pace?

Throughout a Mindtoon™, you focus attention on aligning breath with gentle movement.  Paying attention to alignment of movement and breathing gives the mind something challenging to do.  Attention to movement and breathing helps to relax the body and calms the mind. This helps prepare you for the meditation.

Do I have to close my eyes?

Closing the eyes turns off brain pathways related to seeing and moving around in the outside world and turns on internal neural pathways (interoception) that focus on feelings, internal sensations, and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Why do I need to tap the screen to continue to the next step?

Moving at your own pace is so important that you are asked to “do two more repetitions at your own pace” and then tap to continue, after being introduced to each step.  It’s best if you keep your eyes closed and feel to tap the screen.

Why isn’t there a pause button?

Mindtoon™ meditations are only effective if they are experienced uninterrupted. Wait until you have time to play one. If an unavoidable interruption happens, close the program and start over.  On an Android mobile device, you will need to either close the app or power down to restart.

How do I exit the app?

On iPhones, just tap the HOME button on your phone. On Android devices, use the back button and then close the app.  It may be easier to power down and restart your android device.

What are the best sound settings for listening to a Mindtoon™?

Be sure you have your sound ON.  It is best to set the volume at about 75%.

I’ve played the Mindtoon™.  Should I play it again or am I done?

There are gradual, cumulative effects of meditation over time.

Each time you play, the experience will be different. Your body and mind will be in a different state.  As you continue to play, your capacity to focus, breath, and connect will grow.  And your experience of the meditation object will vary and deepen. Notice how you feel during and right after playing. See if you can hold on to the feeling, and call it to mind later in the day.

Playing the Mindtoon™ over time, and playing it several times throughout  a day can increase effectiveness. With repetition over time you build capacity for breathing and attention.  And your connection with the meditation is likely to be different in subtle or big ways each time you play.


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