RelaxU appMindtoon Lab develops cybermeditation experiences (Mindtoons™) which can be used as tools for actively how you feel (“time of meditation” effects) and for changing unsupportive patterns (“meditation over time” effects).

RelaxU is our latest app, offering 6 Mindtoon Meditations: Calming, Place in Nature, Comfort, Releasing, Clarity,  and Stability meditations.  RelaxU is available on Google Play and the iTunes Store.  Search for “Mindtoon Lab” (in quotes), then scroll down to locate the RelaxU app.

In all of our Mindtoon™ meditation apps, you are guided through steps involving attention, breath and gentle movements. You are seated comfortably with eyes closed and room to move your arms up in front and out to the side.

Mindtoon meditations apply the tools and philosophy of the Krishnamacharya- Desikachar system of yoga therapy.

relaxuscreenshotMindtoon™ meditations are not medical interventions. They are potentially helpful tools designed based on Mind-Body Therapy principles, that may or may not be helpful to any particular individual.

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